Show Automation Technician

Job #6212

Job Type Full Time
Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Field Technical Production
Post Date Mar 20, 2024
Salary $21.85/hour

Sight & Sound is an organization comprised of people with diverse talents coming together to tell His story through who we are and what we do.  We foster a culture of love for Christ and love for others, trust and teamwork and a collaborative environment in which we get to do our best work every day.

The Show Automation Technician supports the technical elements during the show run as well as repairs to department equipment and systems. Assist department with development, installation, programming, implementation, maintaining and updating projects and systems. Understand show related programs and systems to run, troubleshoot and make repairs. Operate the Automation and Control consoles during shows maintaining consistency while executing show cues in a timely, safe and controlled manner.

A successful candidate for this role may have experience in the following contexts:

- Electronic repair and troubleshooting
- Problem solving technology
- Tinkering with automotives
- Theater experience
- Entertainment technology
- Live production set up
- Building PCs
- Do-It-Yourself home projects incorporating electronics

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

- Strive to uphold, model and encourage a culture of oneness consistent with our shared commitment to Jesus as Lord and to reflect in our lives and advance the truth that God reveals in the Bible. 
- Provide “world class” customer service to show operations departments through clear and timely communication related to technical production elements.
- Provide immediate and expedient repairs to lighting, projection, special effects, communications as well as other show related equipment and systems during performances, rehearsals and other times as needed to preserve show quality and operations.
- Maintain proper care and operation of the automation consoles, software and equipment, during show times including any preparation for the start or stop of daily operations.
- Operate all flight, vehicle and effect cues from the automation consoles as well as all drops, legs, effects, ramps, media and stage lift cues during shows, rehearsals, sectionals and demos.
- Maintain a working knowledge of a wide variety of rigging equipment such as boom lifts, chain motors, power lifts, fall arrest systems, performer flying systems, knots, wire rope and cable terminations
- Assist in the creation and maintenance of detailed cue sheets and start-up/shutdown checklists.
- Serve as primary contact for communication of show element status with A&E, Media/Art, Deck Chief, and Stage Management during shows and technical challenges including show holds, while supporting the authority of the Stage Manager. Effectively communicate and execute cues using proper headset protocol, maintaining a calm professional demeanor.
- Provide emergency show support for absent Lighting / Deck Technicians and execute cues which may include being in costume in view of the audience as needed.



- Basic knowledge of electronic and electrical systems.
- Hardware, software, and network computer skills.
- Must be available to work flexible hours. Regularly scheduled to work during the shows and rehearsals, but also during other shifts as necessary to complete department projects.
- Advanced electronic and mechanical troubleshooting skills for lighting, projection, special effects and communications equipment.
- Knowledge and experience in live stage and production.
- Knowledge of programming and operation of video media servers
- 1-2 years of electronics troubleshooting experience preferred