Wigs/Makeup Project Coordinator

Job #6211

Job Type Full Time
Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Field Default Industry
Post Date Mar 20, 2024
Salary $19/HOUR

Sight & Sound is an organization comprised of people with diverse talents coming together as one in Christ to tell His story through who we are and what we do.  We foster a culture of love for God and love for others, trust and teamwork, and a collaborative environment in which we get to do our best work every day.  

The Wigs/Makeup Project Coordinator oversees the wig and makeup team’s timeline and budget process in collaboration with Costumes Project Manager and Costume Shop Manager to create and build wigs for all Sight & Sound Theatre Productions. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

- Manage key information needed for budget compliance and timeline requirements to achieve show build.
- Support Wigs/Makeup Design Lead with purchasing and budget allocations
- Create and manage project lists and goals.
- Attend design ideation meetings to support and represent team scope and capabilities.
- Point of contact for all live events and show media needs.
- Assist with wig building, styling, ventilating, and alterations for new show and remount shows; creatively contribute styling details and design elements for wig build and makeup plans.
- Conduct fittings and complete alterations for cast members



- Demonstrate the ability to collect and maintain budget information, build lists and timelines, and effectively manage project details to deliver a show wig build on time and within budget.
- Strong communication within the team is necessary, with the ability to organize and communicate many details to guide the team to a successful outcome.
- Proficient in building wigs and facial hair for stage characters.
- Experienced in ventilating wigs, altering purchased wigs, attaching lace fronts, and working with film grade lace.
- Styling and salon experience with a focus on client interactions helpful
- Demonstrates servant leadership and desire to work as part of a unified team.
- 2-5 years of formal theater training in wigs and makeup, or related field. Project management experience preferred.