Jay O. Glerum Rigging Masterclass in Puerto Rico ‘24: ENTRY LEVEL

Jay O. Glerum Rigging Masterclass in Puerto Rico 2024: ENTRY LEVEL

The entry-level track is geared towards those needing to reaffirm their knowledge of or build upon their understanding of the basics in counterweight rigging safety and operations.

This class helps to prepare classroom theatre teachers and  technicians for industry-level, safety practices using theatre counterweight systems for rigging scenery and lighting to increase safe working environments in schools and community theatres.

The two-day curriculum covers rigging basics, terminology, hardware, systems, tools, and safe practices. Attendees are issued the Jay O. Glerum Stage Rigging Handbook and use this text as a reference.

Curriculum to be covered:

  • Safe Operation of Counterweight Fly Systems 
  • Basic Rigging Tools and Hardware
  • How to Safely Rig and Fly Scenery
  • Safety Procedures for Working at Heights and Using Ladders
  • Basic Rules for Fall Protection
  • Basic Maintenance of Rigging Systems
  • Day to Day and Why Professional Inspections are Important
  • Three hands-on segments to include: 
    • Hardware – proper use and application, swaging
    • Fly System – system identification, safe operation, and maintenance overview
    • Working at Heights – ladders & Genie lifts and maintenance overview

This is a hands-on learning experience for each attendee so that theory is translated to practice under the supervision of Internationally recognized trainers.

Registration will close on Sunday, July 14 at midnight

Attendees are responsible for their own housing accommodations.

July 22 & 23 2024 - Registration closes July 15



Teatro Francisco Arrivi - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Teatro Francisco Arrivi


Eric Rouse

Eric, Cariduro at heart, is an ETCP Certified Theatre Rigger. Originally from Fajardo, he lived in Luquillo until 1988 when he began his university studies in Pennsylvania. He has a Master's Degree in Technical Theater from Penn State University and began his first day of work as a professional organizing equipment for a flight by artist Garth Brooks over the audience at Texas Stadium during a concert while filming the video for the song "Ain't Goin Down (T'ill the Sun Comes Up)". During his 30 years in entertainment Eric has worked and taught in the United States, Mexico, Spain, China, Japan, Germany and Finland.

After Garth, Eric continued with Flying by Foy where he was a flight effects supervisor and designer for theater and award shows such as the Oscars, ESPY's and the American Music Awards. After Foy, Eric was in charge of rigging maintenance at the Cirque du Soleil company's "O" theater at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Eric "retired" from professional life and was a professor of theater at Penn State University where he led the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Technical Theater for 10 years. Eric decided to return to professional life and worked as Technical Director at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in Colorado where he worked with designers from Broadway and well-known regional theaters across the United States. Until recently, he worked with Las Vegas company EPS where he directed projects for MSG Sphere, Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas and Cirque du Soleil spins.

Eric lives in Denver, Colorado and has four children who cannot survive without rice and beans with tostones.

Jaime Zayas 

Jaime is an actor, lighting designer and ETCP Certified Theatre Rigger. Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He received a B.A in Theater with a minor in Pedagogy from the University of Puerto Rico. Jaime brings a broad base of experience to his teaching and performances with his over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

In his career, Jaime has design lights and rigging systems for theater companies in Puerto Rico an USA, among them are Acrodramance Theatre Company a former theater and circus company in Florida, Metro Theater Company and St. Louis Shakespeare Company. He also worked in the Entertainment Department at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks in Florida.

Jaime is the founder and executive director of Kinetic Tapestry, a Physical Theatre and Circus company based in St Louis, Missouri. With Kinetic Tapestry,  he has performed and teach in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Switzerland and Egypt.

 He is an engaging instructor who loves to bring out the best of his students, no matter their level of proficiency.